Digital adoption is ever-increasing and organisations are moving towards a digital first strategy. This is creating a shortage of people who can build digital solutions. There is also a huge increase in the number of open source tools available to boost productivity. This creates a plethora of considerations:

  • What tools to consider?
  • Will the team be able to master the selection of tools?
  • What would be the impact on current digital solutions as the tool goes through its lifecycle?
  • What to do if one of the selected open source tools ceases its operation?

Commercial tools address some of the concerns by offering easy-to-use solutions, giving certainty on lifespan, and providing support to deal with the tool issues. However, this comes at a cost and does not guarantee successful software delivery. Tools can also be prone to limitations and the closed nature of the commercial tools means, waiting for the vendor to fix the issues which can take a while.

In short, no matter what tools are used, there is no fixed recipe for successful software delivery.

We offer Advisory service to help you navigate all the questions and concerns. We work with you to establish a strategic vision of where you want to be and how to reach there? In addition to that, we will accompany you all along the journey and help you achieve the digital goals envisioned.

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