It is often said in e-commerce that web performance influences conversion rates in several cases. This could be due to website load time being one of the factors contributing to user experience. Slower websites coupled with errors would cause serious damage to perception and users will switch to a competitor. Implementing a digital solution that provides a fast and error-free user experience is vital to digital success.

Performance testing helps to give guidance on predictable patterns of response times that end users can expect on a normal day of operation. What to do if the result is not favourable? What about days when there are higher usage? Higher usage is a good sign that users want your services. However, if the application fails to handle user requests or slows down, the same users who were keen for your services might consider other options. But how much extra capacity to have? This is where Performance Engineering comes into play. It is a niche field that assists organisations to fix bottlenecks in the code and provides guidance on how much hardware is needed to handle sustained peak requests.

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