In today’s world, an increasing number of services are delivered via digital channels. As user reach increases, demand for service increases and more customers are acquired. Demand could outstrip back office processing speed, resulting in chaos.

As a mitigation, mature businesses often plan ahead to build digital solutions to keep up with projected demand. This needs timely development and delivery of software. However, software developed in a haste is often prone to bugs and needs thorough testing to avoid bad user experiences. As more features are added, testing effort increases, and slows software delivery. This is where Test automation comes into play. It replaces testing done by humans with software-driven tests to boost software delivery speed.

Once the software is ready, it will be deployed to production. This again requires manual installation and configuration, which can be prone to errors. This is where Release automation comes into play. It ensures reliability by deploying every release in a predefined and consistent way.

Though there are variations, the generic approach is – once a Software is packaged, it will be deployed to a test environment, tests executed to satisfaction before it can be deployed to Production. A process comprising packaging, testing, deployment and operations is what we call DevOps. DevOps process can be automated to improve efficiency and speed.

Another approach to address the issue mentioned earlier would be to add more staff to boost processing speed, but onboarding and training takes time. Also, employees could be hard to find, based on the industry. This is where Robotic Process automation comes into play; you could automate some of the back-office jobs to boost processing speed.

No matter what digital strategy you follow, automation is essential to boost productivity.

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